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Friday, May 2, 2014

Increasing Weather Energy: Global Warming and the Polar Vortex Explained

Two days ago, we received 4.42 inches of rain in a few hours, more elsewhere, and serious flooding ensued. People needed to be rescued from cars and buses drowned out in flood waters. The 27 mile commute I have took 2 1/2 hours to complete, including several detours for flooded roadways. The paper today reported this was more water in one storm than had been recorded in our area in the 142 years of measuring rain that has occurred. This is one of the predicted effects of climate change, which the vast majority of scientists continue to try to tell us is real and we really, really must address. The problem is scientists tend to be bad at communication with the public, hence the awful name global warming ... which seems silly when we get winter blizzards. Fortunately, Hank here explains this simply and directly.

With climate change storing more energy in the planet's atmosphere, energy that will be released, we will get more energetic storms of all types. Ask the Midwest and South how they feel about stronger tornadoes. Hurricanes will continue to increase in strength. Droughts will be worse and last longer. Average snowfall will become average blizzard falls if we do nothing to address this situation. Nation's breadbaskets will be moving to other locations. Some will dry out completely, which is bad news for everyone who is in the habit of eating regularly.

Infrastructure ... which in many places needs serious improvement already ... will be increasingly stressed by violent weather. Roads will continue to crumble (this last winter's snows left our roads looking like the Midwest after the glaciers of the last ice age receded, filled with holes gouged out by the retreating ice), bridges will be stressed to the breaking point, and the ever spooky sinkholes will grow in number and size.

This is not a pretty picture. It will be terrible for business. Stressed economies could fail entirely. Then, of course, there are all the pretty coastal communities ... time for stilts or time to say goodbye. Worse, many poor people around the world have been relegated to the lowest of the low lying areas. With increased flooding, decreased polar ice, and increasing ocean water height, these people will be in ever increasing danger of death by rising tides. That's not right. It's not moral.

If none of this moves you, think about your own family. Think of your children and their children. Think of how they will curse this generation, the generation that knew the problem and could have done something while there was time to do something, and chose not to for fear it would ding their own personal and corporate economies. Our own families will not thank us for that.

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