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Monday, May 19, 2014

New Career, New Challenges, Partial Solution: Monday as the New Sunday, Making It Work, Part 2

Today, on this very Monday, I figured out for myself what works for making Monday a true day off. Getting out of the house, as I advised in the previous blog post,, was definitely the solution. For the first part of the morning, I went to the gym with a book and spent time on the elliptical and the stationary bike reading while working out. The day outside was beautiful, so I treated myself to time alone in the town park continuing my reading in the cool breeze, sunshine and shade, and the smell of freshly mown grass wafting through that gentle breeze. I came back and threw the ball for our dog. By lunch I was completely relaxed and ready for whatever the rest of the day and week would bring. Those few hours taking care of my needs for relaxation did the job.

Best of luck to you as you discover your best practices for relaxation!

See this blog post to discover what my relaxation left me open to in the afternoon,

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