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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Positive Perspective on Change ...

We don't much like change ... unless it's change in some technological gadget we adore and we have pockets deep enough to pick up the newest model. We are creatures of habit and change just freaks us out.

I was having a nostalgic, regretful, change-fearing moment this morning. I made the very last lunch I would ever make for our daughter. She's fine, but she's had her last high school class today and so I've made the last lunch I'll make for her to send her packing to school. I've done this since she was in kindergarten, so it's a moment for me, you know?

Then it occurred to me, this change can be looked at differently. It has a positive side. Since she was in kindergarten, I've made her the lunches that got her through the day and helped her with her education. Every day I reminded her I loved her with this simple act. Now, my mission is accomplished. Our daughter is getting ready for college and lunches of her own. Mission accomplished. Success achieved. Stand down, Dad, and relax. It was a liberating thought. I wonder how many other change issues this would work with. I wonder how many dark perspectives on life could be turned upside down and viewed as positive perspectives instead.

I'm willing to give it a shot ... without resorting to rose-colored glasses. It all has to be honest and true. Still, I think it will be a liberating approach to dealing with change. How about you?

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