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Monday, May 19, 2014

Sloggin' Thru Blogging: Volume with Quality for a Viewing Bump

Stephen Colbert called it the "Colbert bump." That rise in attention that came from being on his show. Well, this isn't that useful, but I have found if you put out five or six posts in a single day, one after the other, you will get a significant bump in viewership for the day, lifting the total numbers into the hundreds. Make sure, however, that in the process you work for quality content. You don't want to burn readers drawn to you with bad content that sends them away angry, vowing never to return. There is no reward in that.

The fascinating thing about this exercise is that as you work forward, you generate new and interesting ideas for additional posts. The writing process fires the imagination, leading to quick research, and more interesting writing. The very process of writing leads to the next post, which fires the idea for the one after that. It really is a wonderful exercise if you have the time to pursue it.

Good luck, fellow blogger. 

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