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Monday, May 5, 2014

Smart Neanderthals and Fossil Galaxies ... The Five Minute Response

Science news gets more humbling and stranger all the time. I particularly love the humbling part. Now, archaeologists find that those Neanderthals were not at all the bumbling morons we took them for. There they were, living for some 250,000, making tools, successful kills, artful objects. We'd already discovered there was some sex going on between us and them ... which began to shift opinions. And now this.  We admit now they lived in harsh environments that would have us today weeping like little babies, curled up in a corner. So, way to go Neanderthals. Way to go archaeologists for admitting the change of mind on the whole who is an evolutionary failure thing.

In other news, my friends at Universe Today informed me we of the Milky Way have a fossil galaxy orbiting us. It has very early forms of stars with very little heavy metal. Segue 1, as it is know, had one round of star formation and then gave up the whole thing as a bad idea. Now, there's your evolutionary dead end.

And, that's the five minute response.

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