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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

We Aren't Ready for Extraterrestrial Contact, Scientist Says: ARE YOU SURPRISED?!

I love my friends at Universe Today and I adore their articles. However, the "extensive" study by astronomer Gabriel G. de la Torre of the University of Cadiz of 116 university students determined we are not ready to meet brainy E.T.s. De la Torre asked students about their astronomy knowledge, their religious beliefs, and their belief in the presence of E.T.s in our sprawling universe. Survey says, "We aren't ready." We don't know enough.

I could have saved this astronomer time. Check out the news. Extremists abduct school girls to sell into slavery or forced marriage. The solution to gun violence ... more guns for everyone. People on the left and the right refusing to listen to anything either side says on the tribal bias that if you don't believe like us you are both stupid and the enemy. Imprisonment largely by race in for profit prisons that have no incentive to provide prisoners with any means to better themselves and be released. People so propagandized by commentators that they will not entertain any other point of view or any scientific result that does not agree with their narrow philosophy of life. Creating ever more destructive weapons to maintain peace, throwing huge dollar amounts into that process while letting people around the globe in marginal regions where poor folks are forced to live starve when the weather turns sour or the local governments go crazy. Allowing the planet to burn for the sake of corporate economies.

No, we are not ready to meet extraterrestrial civilizations. We simple aren't civilized enough at this point.  I would not be at all surprised to find out that somewhere on the edge of our solar system there is an E.T. buoy broadcasting a "Do not enter, do not feed the animals" message to galactic civilizations everywhere to protect them all against our particular brand of crazy.

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