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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bill Moyers Reports on Gun Deaths Since Newtown

There have been 4772 people killed by guns so far in 2014. Since the 2012 Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting, there have been 74 additional horrid school shootings, including the Tuesday, June 10, 2014, shooting in Reynolds High School, Troutdale, Oregon, just 5 days after the Seattle Pacific University shooting. Since Newtown, 51,158 individuals have been killed by guns. It is obscene.

For the full story from Bill Moyers, see:

The details are disturbing. There are 310,000,000 guns in the U.S., one for every person. No country matches this level of deadly force potential. The closest contender is Yemen with 11 guns for every 20 people. In 2011, the NRA spent over 231 million to make sure we remain #1 in guns. At least, for a brief moment in 2014, the NRA had a brief fit of honesty and found the open carry gun guys and gals in Texas trying to get into restaurants and taunting an unarmed veteran, all while filming themselves, to be weird. They backpedaled quickly as they started losing a few of their most strident members ... sadly.

I suggest you avoid the comments, however. Ugh.

Also check out the Washington Post article, "Depressing Number of the Day: 74 School Shootings Since Newtown:"

This madness has to end. 

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