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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Free Online Video Gaming Stress Relief

Have you been having a bad day? I'm sorry, first of all. But, I'll bet you could use a little stress relief. These days, with everything so expensive, would you like that relief to be free? (Well, as free as you can get with an Internet connection already in place, that is.)

Head on over to, that's, and check out the simple but addictive free games. I highly recommend Bubble Shooter, Bubble Cannon 2, Bubble Spinner (do you see a theme here) and Connect Animal. All are engrossing, simple to learn, but hard to perfect. You'll soon put aside you frustration over the bad day, at least for a little while. Just be careful. You can lose a lot of hours in front of these games if you don't watch out. Then again, if the day was bad enough, and you don't have any other engagements pressing or family responsibilities to honor, then why not?

There are a great many games there to explore, some more to your liking than others I'm sure. Find the games that make you happy and enjoy.

With luck, tomorrow will be a better day.

For more on video gaming, see:, and See the video gaming label for more. I've had a few things to say on this topic over the years. Have fun!

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