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Sunday, June 15, 2014

FREEDOM! Taking Back My Email Account

It took a long time to happen, but eventually so many emails from so many different businesses and special interest groups were filling my email account ... with a new torrent every day ... that I was loath to visit it. I have several accounts, now, being a 21st century guy. The one I've had longest, to which so many things are attached, is the one that has become unmanageable. And yet, that is the email address where a great many people I do want to hear from contact me when they don't use Facebook messaging. Yeah, I know a lot of retro folks who still do things old school ... not snail mail old school, but still.

So, yesterday, I decided to strike back. I took the time to go to the bottom of many of the email ads and group messages, ferret out the unsubscribe links, open up the extra screen, and told them all to go away in whatever way was necessary. It was surprisingly satisfying. I highly recommend the exercise. It felt like freedom, yes it did.

One political organization was entirely clueless of my intent in this process. They sent me another email asking me to reconsider my unsubscribe. I guarantee that is one organization, all though they do good work, that will never be allowed back into my email. Guys, really, when someone unsubscribes, LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!

I hear there are now email programs you can get that will manage the email torrent, organizing it into stuff you want to see and stuff to delete. Frankly, I get a certain vindictive little satisfaction out of digging up that unsubscribe link and ending it all that way.

Oh, yes, and organizations, really, when I decided to unsubscribe to you, I really mean it ... and no, I don't want to take a survey to find out why I wanted to leave. If you have to ask ...

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