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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Positive Force Challenge ...

I have a challenge for you today (and for me) ... and for every day. Are you up for it?

I want you to be a positive force in the world today.

I was looking up why we are so cranky with each other in our public forums, our social media, our opinion pieces, face to face, whatever. There were many answers, many different ideas (just as any parent to be soon discovers that there are many approaches to child raising), but one central them. Yeah, we don't treat each other well.

So, here's the challenge. Look for opportunities today to make another human beings day better (okay, another pets as well). Look for innovative ways of doing that.

Here are a few suggestions:

Offer a warm hello, good morning, good afternoon, etc. If you get the classic "Is it?" angry response, offer up "Any day I'm upright and taking nourishment is a good day!" Humor deflects.

Hold a door open for someone.

Smile at many people. You have no idea who you might deflect from some dark and potentially dangerous path. Besides, people will wonder what you are up to. You become a person of mystery. How cool is that?

Be humorous in a good an inoffensive way if that is your talent.

Offer up a compliment. Make a positive comment on someone's performance.

Allow other people to merge with ease in traffic. We'll all get along better if each of us tries this one.

Come up with five other approaches during the day, based on your own observations, to be a positive force and send me the lists. I'll post them. We'll all get better at this.

I believe every small gesture for good, every kindness, every smile makes a positive difference in this world of ours and those efforts are cumulative. Let's see how much positive difference we can send rippling through our societies around the globe today ... and every day.

The challenge is made. I accept it. Care to join me (I say with a smile while holding the door open)?

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