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Monday, June 9, 2014

Shaking Fear's Impact

Successfully shaking fear's impact takes tremendous honesty and abundant courage. There are many times in our lives when we do not participate in something we would like to do. We feel restrained, our guts tightened, our palms sweaty, and our "what if" brain coil overheated to the extreme. We are stopped by fear.

Now, let's pause for a moment to consider: if the fear rational or not? Is this fear of death, perhaps, that would come from jumping off a cliff without a parachute that would be rational fear. However, if it is fear that grows out of all sorts of "what if" speculation that is less than likely to happen, then that is irrational fear. If it is irrational, that's the fear to fight. That is the fear to push past to do whatever it is you want to do or need to do.

It is vital to a healthy outlook on life to shake irrational fear. The best way to do so is to go ahead and do what you know to be right and good. Go ahead and have that little adventure in the local state park, explore your surroundings, get to know the neighbors, ask that wonderful person you've been thinking of asking out to go to the movies or to dinner (yes, you can do it) ... live! Right now, I'd say there are a great many people who live in deeply rutted routines because they feel safe there. Life lived well is not a life that is trying to simply avoid death and stay safe for life. Life well lived is life lived outside of what if fears, a life lived with and for others.

Today we live in a culture that also tries to beat down those who stand up against socially accepted unfairness in the culture, the politics, the business world, the stewardship of the planet, the military, the NRA, and a great many other places. Throw aside the "what if" fears and stand up against injustice where you see it. Never mind that this might be an unpopular stance. If you are well informed and truly see something that is wrong, do not let your fears (in this case some of these fears may indeed be justified but most will still be what ifs) silence you. Your voice may be the tipping point to getting something done.

I for one was horrified find that roughly 22,000 children die of starvation daily in out of the way, backwater places where the global community does not see them. 842 million people do not have enough to eat. The stats go on and on in a most shocking manner. See: as one of many sources. I'll be looking for my way to speak out and help.

Best of luck to you in living fearlessly in your life, today and always. 

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