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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sloggin' Thru Blogging: Well, Crap! Knowing Your Blog Will Always Be Small

Well, crap! Today I checked out an article about the 20 best blogs going today. Those things were amazing. The designs are beautiful and detailed. I cannot begin to imagine how long it takes to create and post each of those quality, jewellike creations. Well, dear readers, I have to tell you this ... having seen what is great in blogging today I now know this blog, the one you read and I appreciate that you read very very much, I now know that this blog site will always be a very small, modest, but honest production. My time is way too limited, my skill sets too blunted, and my ambitions far too small to be a blogging great.

I'm a writer and derive pleasure from getting my voice out there on a small scale on a wide variety of subjects. I know I should be devoted to just a single topic per blog ... but I have no interest in that. I just don't care to be that focused or disciplined. What you see here covers a range of topics that fascinates me and that's the way this li'l blog will always be. If what I do entertains you and matches your interests, stick around ... and find a way to let me know. I could use a little encouragement now and then. But I plan to stay in the game at least a little longer as these posts make great writing exercises.

In a way, it is liberating to know this creation will always remain a modest proposal. That way I can focus on enjoying the process and entertaining the eclectic readers who appreciate those topics that interest me. I truly appreciate your interest and your readership. See you next time ...

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