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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Power of Friendliness

I stopped in the local convenience store this morning on my way in to church to preach. As I picked up what I needed and got into line at the register, I noticed something surprising. The cashier was a very friendly young man who seemed genuinely pleased to meet you and to do business with you. Each person was met with a smile, a polite greeting, and a friendly attitude.

I have to say, after that service with a smile, I left the store with a bit of a spring in my step. There was the simple power of a friendly smile. There was the power of another individual showing you that you matter.

This friendliness cost the employee absolutely nothing, gained him a far more enjoyable morning, and gifted everyone he met with a lifted spirit with which to face the day. I'll bet that friendly attitude was contagious.

If you see this post, it may also be lifesaving in some instances:

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