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Monday, July 28, 2014

Surprising Discovery Writing Recipes for Manly Men

I started my blogging life on HubPages. It is a well structured site that guides you through the ins and outs of blogging post writing. It has a wonderfully supportive community and teaches you something about how to try to make money from your posts. Needing early material, I decided to write at least one recipe easy enough for men to complete successfully and impress a date or a spouse on a date night. The premise is that the men involved all see themselves as manly men and all are just about incompetent in the kitchen.

I thought this might work in encouraging men to actually attempt to cook who had never cooked before. I imagined that these posts might actually get these poor guys a few good home cooked meals and might actually impress some significant other without getting anyone hurt.

Through the HubPages community I discovered something surprising. My manly man recipe was drawing a crowd ... but not the one I expected. I was getting laughs and accolades for my humorous recipes from women. These were women who couldn't resist different recipes and loved the writing style and suggestions for uses of manly tools in this very manly art of simple cooking.

It all came as a surprise to me ... a pleasant one.

Moral of the story: you may THINK you know your audience, but don't be too sure.

Manly man recipes include: and

If you find these recipes useful and/or entertaining and would like to see more, let me know. I could go there again.

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