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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Farewell Robin Williams

I grew up with Robin Williams's career. I was introduced to him as Mork from Ork and followed him
 right on through the hilarious, high octane comedy and the more serious dramas. I have long admired his work. It was terribly sad to hear that he had succumbed to a protracted depression and died. A psychologist I heard once called suicide the terminal phase of the disease of depression. If you find yourself depressed, PLEASE seek out help immediately. You are too valuable a human being to face this debilitating condition alone and its potentially fatal end stage. Seek help. There is no shame in admitting you struggle with this or any other disease of the mind. Consider yourself prayed for in your struggles.

For me, the most memorable moment with Robin Williams came when our son was little. We had gone together to see Disney's Aladdin and, of course, our son was mightily impressed with Robin William's portrayal of the genie. It was high octane and full of no doubt unscripted asides that were this comedian's trademark. A day or two later, my wife received a phone call. She listened briefly and responded "Hi, Jeannie." Our son turned to me wide eyed and excited, having heard "Hi, Genie" from his mom and whispered to me in awe, "Mom's talking to the Genie!" It was a shame to have to tell him otherwise. I'll never forget that moment of pure excitement. I have to admit, I would have liked to talk to the Genie, to Mr. Williams, myself. I would have liked to have thanked him personally for his body of work, work which I have truly enjoyed over the years.

Robin Williams has moved on now, finding the peace with God that he did not know in life. I want to say to all of his family and friends, I stand by you in your grief and pray for you. We have all lost a great talent, a comic genius, and an energetic friend who cared deeply for others. Rest well, Robin Williams. 

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