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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Life, Death, and Pattern Recognition: The Five Minute Response

Life: has been discovered under the South Pole. Beneath the ice sheet is a whole biosphere lurking, proving that life can survive in what seems to us the most inhospitable places. That may be a good thing for life in general if not for us given the new report from the UN on the ongoing climate change crisis. That new life may have to take over when we cause extinction on the mass scale ... including of ourselves.

We pray that the Ebola virus cases will be brought under control but with 3,000 cases in West Africa and 1,500+ deaths so far, and predictions of 20,000 before this is over, we have to take this more seriously and provide more resources in defense against this rabid killer.

On the pattern recognition front, we see a thigh bone on Mars (looks like a whole burial to me as a former archaeologist with all that colorful rock scattered among bone fragments, very ritualistic) and an oval that looks like a microbe in a Martian meteorite from 1911. Oh, pattern recognition run amuck. That defense mechanism designed to allow us to see carnivores hiding among the forest leaves is toying with us yet again, creating suggestive patterns where none exist. Have you ever noticed how difficult such a pattern is to shake once it has been seen.

Here's to life, defense of life, stewardship of our planet, and common sense over pattern recognition. And that's the five minute response.

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