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Friday, August 8, 2014

Oh Dreaded but Necessary CHANGE: The Five Minute Response

In general, we human beings hate change. We work against it. We lift up tradition. We embrace our routines, sometimes even when they are bad for us. Change is just so darned unsettling ... and yet, and yet, so very necessary.

Before this month is over our daughter will be in college. It'll only be a short distance down the road, but she'll be staying there now, living on campus and getting on with her adult life, discovering who she is and where she'll go from here. She's busy with the business of getting on with her life.

As parents, on one level that stings a bit. We've enjoyed her company for 18 years and thrilled at watching her grow ... and change. Hmm, there it is.

Now it's time for us all to change. This is our last child being sent off to college and out into the world. Now our home life will change in a way it hasn't in 24 years. My wife and I will be home alone. More change to get used to.

We'll manage. We'll find our new ways of being. We'll change right along with our children and that great big world outside our door. I'll take a deep breath now, face it boldly (for my daughter's sake as much as mine), take my wife's hand, and step out boldly down the next new path change has provided us. This has been a momentous year of change and I expect there will be one or two more before it's done.

That doesn't mean we'll enjoy each and every one of them ... but we'll manage. We'll change. After all, to change is to live. Everyone and everything on this living planet does. Come to think of it, there is one thing in this world we can all be certain will remain the same forever. That is: everything changes!


That's the five minute response.

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