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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Airlines and Reclining Seat Wars: Is Civil Cooperation Dead?

The Washington Post noted that there were three reclining seat wars on airlines in the past nine days. Good grief, as Charlie Brown used to say ... and I say in disbelief. Have we become so "empowered" in this society of ours that we have lost all sense of cooperation, all modicum of civility? Are we mentally incapable of feeling empathy for others? Where is the Red Green attitude of "we're all in this together?" Perhaps if we could take the time to consider the people around us while riding in increasingly miserable airline conditions, we could stop having flights diverted for kindergarten behavior.

Then again, perhaps we should all decide that paying a little more to get to Peoria is worth having adequate leg room? I am of an average height, no six footer, and I find myself uncomfortably close to all around me. With broad shoulders, the center seat is a real trial, especially when the guys on either side decide neither arm rest is mine. But, I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

So, we turn back to ourselves. It is time to look out for each other, fellow travelers of life. It is time to make being civil, being friendly, being courteous contagious. Let's think twice before reclining that seat or kicking that seat or overstuffing the overhead bin, or being any kind of jackass in a situation that is already lousy to start with. How lousy, you ask. So lousy that if I am within 15 hours travel time by car of my destination, I will take that car. That spares me all the aggravations of getting to and from the airport, stowing luggage, getting a seat, flying, disembarking, getting that blasted bag I wish I hadn't brought, finding my rental car, and getting to my destination. It just isn't worth the irritation, especially now that there is the possibility that a playground brawl over something like a seat recline will cause further delay with diversion to another airport and the calling of the police.

Let's revive civility instead. What do you say? 

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