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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Every Faith Challenge: Focus On Love

Let's really try love of neighbor!
This is a challenge for everyone, of every faith--including professions of no faith ... which in my book is another faith (no slight intended, trust me)--whose beliefs revolve around love. If you are in a faith tradition that does not place love at its core ... flee! Find some better system for your own sake and the sake of others.

Here's the challenge: place love central in all your dealings and your life. As the apostle Paul wrote to the cantankerous church in Rome, love God and love your neighbors. Do this and you will fulfill the commandments (10 Commandments of Moses). Love does no harm to a neighbor. I'm sure every faith worth its salt has some version of this advice. Stick with it in all your dealings with your neighbors (i.e. everyone with whom you have contact), with family, with friends. Use this guideline to steer where you shop, what you purchase, which charities you support, how you treat the environment, how you speak to and write to others. Placing love central in our dealings will improve things "on the streets where we live" to paraphrase the prophet Isaiah.

Before pointing to all the horrors in the news around the globe (and thank God those things remain newsworthy ... if they were common as dirt they would not be), and declare this mamby-pamby new agey sentimentality, take a look at the steel spine of those who have loved well in the past. Take a look at the long history of individuals and groups who have stood up for love. These people were and are not pushovers. They worked hard for their beliefs. Blood, sweat, tears and sometimes death accompanied their work. But ... they ... made ... a ... difference! They are sources of inspiration now ... and, in my book, they always will be. How many of those daily news horrors would cease to exist if everyone, everywhere took the power of loving others seriously.

Let's put aside all our little quibbles over minutia (the church in Rome's members were after each other for not following the laws well enough or eating the wrong foods, celebrating the wrong holidays ... or not celebrating any ... to name a FEW). Let's not be like that. Down that road lies stupidity, insanity, and extinction. Let's choose to follow where love of others will lead us instead. 

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