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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Arguing Minutia: What's the Point? The Five Minute Response

I joined a group on Facebook to gain insight into their thinking. They will remain nameless, a courtesy I'm not sure they deserve ... but one I want in return. I almost regret my insights.

This group would bring up some very interesting questions. However, the responses were soon wandering off into the weeds. The answers would often argue over some tiny bit of minutia embedded in the question. Once answers started coming in, the same result occurred with tiny bits and pieces of the answers. The questions themselves were never resolved. Using this approach, the questions were never truly faced.

For me, and perhaps I'm just a prickly sort, the worst offense was declaring that if ANYONE, ANYWHERE had ever contended any part of any bit of information, any piece of knowledge, any theory, then that information, knowledge, or theory was in doubt. That approach would make any scientific or religious information completely invalid ... not to mention politics or any other human endeavor in an argumentative age.

I've left that group to their strange, fractious, and unfocused arguments shaking my head and wondering about the fate of humanity. And that's the five minute response.

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