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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Slice O' Life: From Order to Use in Tiny Window . Hard to Believe It Worked!

I was hosting a meeting the other night. Powerpoint and a projector would make a useful combination to get things moving. I researched projectors, settled on the Epson EX5230 with 3500 lumens for the church environments where I will be using it. You can understand that as rooms with lots of windows and lights. But, this isn't about the projector (which for someone used to slide projectors of yore, works amazingly well), it's about the order.

I went to Staples, where these projectors resided ... or so I thought. That was a mistake. You could order the projectors in the brick and mortar building, receive an online discount, and have the item delivered for free. It was the day BEFORE the meeting. I was dismayed to make this discovery, asked if anyone else might have them in stock, the worker gave an uncertain, apologetic shrug, and I had a decision to make.

I asked how long it would take to deliver said projector. "We can have it to you tomorrow by 4 in the afternoon was the response." Now, I don' t usually gamble, but that day I did. I placed the order, received my receipt, and walked away feeling less than confident in the outcome. Still, I went home, created my Powerpoint presentation, and felt a little foolish. I pulled together physical props in case the projector never showed and made ready one way or the other.

The day of the presentation, I was tense. The hours crawled by slowly. Then, at 3:45 PM, the office doorbell rang and there was the delivery man, probably my age or a little older who refers to me as "young man" with an Epson box under his arm. I signed, rushed the projector into my office, and folloinw the easy setup instructions, had the device working in 15 minutes. I was ... and still am ... amazed it all worked out. The meeting went wonderfully. The projector worked perfectly. I intend to follow up with the online instruction manual to learn more about it now that there's time. It's an amazingly different world we live in today. I don't recommend my approach. It's bad on the nerves and requires serious backup planning ... but it worked.

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