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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Early Election Morning Musings ...

It's three in the morning and my nose is driving my crazy. I could write it off as seasonal sinus aggravations ... or it could be that I've finally reached critical mass and am having an allergic reaction to all the electioneering. Or perhaps a severe allergic reaction to all the "expert" predictions of how today's election will play out. If you listened to them, this race's outcome is a foregone conclusion.

Instead, I urge you all out there to defy the pundits. Get out there and vote in this "off year" election in great numberes. Don't let one motivated group or another carry the day (motivated by fear-soaked propaganda if you ask me ... but who asked?) because they came out in sufficient numbers to sway history one way or another. Take a few minutes to cast a ballot as you see fit and let a real majority of the voting public decide where we should go next. I'd like to see it be in a direction that ends gridlock and gets something useful done. I'd like to see an end to bickering and the endless, useless attempts to repeal issues already decided that are of benefit to the general public (although not exactly the monied class, so who cares, right?). 

Then again, that may be my enraged nose and sleep deprived mind talking. Still, get out and vote. Make yourself heard ... even though the "popular wisdom" (see the post about percentages not attending college and the impact of tailored high school curriculum on them for how wise that might or might not be) tells you it makes little difference--or perhaps because such wisdom says this. Make today count for something and surprise the pundits. That's a little dream I'm having in the wee hours of the morning before the polling places open. Here's hoping for a surprising day.

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