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Thursday, November 20, 2014

No Chocolate Doesn't Mean No Hot Chocolate

Here's the sad situation. You've been diagnosed with a digestive disease, acid reflux perhaps. Your doctor has given you a list of foods you must not eat to avoid reflux. You've been sick enough, long enough that you're willing to listen. Then you see it. Chocolate is on the do not eat list. You are sad, very sad indeed. You love chocolate.

I have a solution. Look for this little miracle from Land O Lakes. Arctic White is hot chocolate mix made with white chocolate, which isn't really chocolate at all. This is a substance that is not forbidden. With the thermometer descending and the chill setting in, with this white chocolate you too can enjoy a hot drink when you come in from outside like everybody else. It'll even be a drink similar to that of everyone else. It will smell as good as what everyone else is drinking. Better yet, it will taste as good and look unique. AND, best of all, it will not make you sick!!!

If your local grocery does not carry this seasonal and elusive product, ask them to get it for you. Stock up whenever you see it because you are not among the largest of tribes out there. I'm having a cup this morning myself and it is making the start of my day much, much better.


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