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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Voice of the People Pure Fiction. The Five Minute Response

I don't know if there ever was a "voice of the people" but I tend to doubt it. We hear all about the people's voice and the mandates politicians receive in each election. Given the poor rate of turnout in most elections, the efforts to keep people away from the polls if they don't agree with a party seeking permanent power, the gerrymandered voting districts ... I'd say there is simply the voice of every partisan group. We are a fractured people. 

Two entirely divergent political opinion pieces on the same issue (or set of issues) in today's paper proved the point. Either the President and pols were following or ignoring the will of those pesky people from this election or the previous cycle.  It was absurd when the two articles were set side-by-side, each author speaking with absolute certitude. Kudos to the savvy editor who pointed this out by the juxtaposition on the page. 

When seeking some information on the elusive voice of the people, I came across this: I think it helps illustrate my point and I'm sure there are sites that took any number of different opinions on the topic. 

As for there was a voice of the people back in the good old days, or the greatest generation's day (I have to say I'm sick to death of that phrase ... even though I understand and appreciate its origin), then history shows us that the people's voice used to exclude various minorities over time ... or half the population by sex. At this country's origins, the only voice of the people was the voice of the landowners. Today, the corporate voice screams loudest and has the most money to do so, along with a few 1% billionaires. Hardly the people's voice in my estimation. 

So, I'd say, "the people's voice is dead, long live the people's voice." The next time you hear some pol claim to have a mandate, just shake your head and laugh. That "mandate" is based on the idea of that people's voice ... which doesn't exist. 

Whether or not I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, that's the five minute response!

A call for political adulthood: I'd expand this plea to every pol of every party and all their operatives.

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