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Friday, December 12, 2014

T'is The Season To Be A Blessing ... Like Ebeneezer!

Be of good cheer Ebeneezer!
Remember the transformed Ebeneezer Scrooge, who kept Christmas in his heart all year round better than anyone? We need to be like him as the season fast approaches.

Consider me the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future all rolled into one package. Annoying? Maybe. Still, it's time to get our collective act together and treat each other well. When we're out shopping for that last gift, that one thing some family member (usually a child) NEEDS to have or all is lost, at like the reformed Scrooge with the personnel in the stores you use. Be a blessing to them. Give them a smile. Be polite. Lighten their load. It will help ease our stress when we do so, no matter how they respond ... which may be with a look of gobsmacked disbelief after all they've already been through. It's not exactly a season of joy when you work in retail. 

Give everyone you meet some slack on the roadways as well. If someone does something stupid in front of you on the highways and byways, instead of laying into the horn and cursing, imagine they are rushing to the hospital to be with a loved one, that they are in labor, OR that they really, really need to pee. Whatever raises your sympathy rather than your ire. 

Treat your coworkers with good cheer. Work often seems to try to kill us before we head off for the holidays. It is one of the fa la la la follies of the season. It's the same for everyone so be a spirit of goodwill to your overworked fellow sufferers instead of a pain in the butt. Send pleasant emails and ignore your caps key until next year, if not forever. 

Be generous with your family and friends. T'is the season for everyone to go a little nuts. T'is also the season of ridiculously high expectations and heavy emotional baggage picked up over many years of family history. Give everyone a pass this season, a hearty laugh, and a deaf ear to anything that sounds like picking a fight from stress. They'll appreciate it once the tinsel clears.

Once you've managed to be like old Ebeneezer Scrooge reformed for Christmas, work to maintain that Scrooge-like reformation good cheer all year long. You'll be a blessing and one day people will talk about you in the community where you live like they did about old Scrooge in his fictional England of yore. Once you've started, you may find it is habit forming.

God's blessings on us all, every one, this Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate in the chill month of December) and all year round. 

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