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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Avoid Inanity in 2015: Thomas Merton's Advice

Toward a smarter tomorrow
From Thomas Merton's book, Life and Holiness, comes some sound advice for avoiding inanity in the new year. Merton writes:

When we read in the New Testament of faith "moving mountains," we must not interpret the symbolic language in an exclusively literal sense, as if it meant that prayer were a wonderful means of accomplishing physically difficult or impossible tasks. This is the kind of inanity that atheists come up with, after they have moved a hill with a bulldozer, or after a Russian astronaut has returned to earth without seeing angels. Faith does indeed deal with impossibilities: but it is not intended as a substitute for mere physical power, or medicine, or study, or human investigation.
So, following Merton, let's have more deep thought, more dialogue, more faith, and far less inanity in 2015. The year 2014 ended badly in that regard. Let's do better this year.

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