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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Infectious Kindness WILL GET YOU: The Five Minute Response

Kindness will work
on YOU
This is not your standard random acts of kindness post. It's not about how your small acts impact others in ways you'll never know and spread kindness like yeast in bread dough. Nope. This is a WARNING. If you dare to venture into the vast and strange realm of practicing kindness to others, beware, YOU will be changed. It starts with very small and simple actions ... holding a door, smiling at a stranger, offering up your seat on the subway to someone in need, donating to the local food bank. That's all it takes. Small and simple actions take hold of you. Before you know it, you are doing small kind deeds without thinking about them and getting puzzled looks from those around you. Somehow, what you have done before has gotten down into your bones and you are doing more as some sort of strange reflex. Others start to see you as a different person. Then you find yourself looking for bigger opportunities. Perhaps you start seeking out the opportunities available during the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, maybe you spend spare time working in a soup kitchen, perhaps you pick up a book on how to thwart the worldwide scourge of slavery and carry the emergency number in your phone. Oh yes, once you start down the path of kindness, you become infected. You become a different person. You become ... BETTER! And once you do, there is NO GOING BACK! Beware!

And, that's the five minute response.

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