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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Twelve Top Blog Site Lists of 2014

It is always good for little bloggers like me to keep track of what the big guys and gals are up to. So here are a few lists of the big blogs of 2014:

eBiz will give you their top 15 blog sites (and there isn't much surprise there):

DailyTekk's listing of the top 100 "most interesting" blogs and websites is a little suspect in my mind (then again I'm small stuff in this world) as they rank themselves quite highly (hmmm):

Cision will give you the top 50 mom bloggers:

If food is your thing, try Saveur's list of 2014's best food blogs:

Social Media Marketer provides their top 10 social media blogs:

IMFdirect provides their top 10 posts of 2014 (which is what you might have thought you were getting from me in a previous post although they were only MY most popular of the month of December and hence this post--guilty conscience and all):

Healthline provides the top weight loss blogs (do I hear 2015 New Year's resolutions here):

If travel is your thing, try Fathom's top travel blogs and websites:

From the world of "who knew" we have Paleo Magazine's top Paleo blogs:

An ambitious list from Church Relevance includes the top 300 Christian blogs, rated by impact upon the social media market (I'll be back to this one myself):

The Peace Corps provides a list of their top bloggers worldwide for your review:

Rounding out these twelve, we'll go to Real Men Real Style for their top men's fashion blogs (which amuses me to provide while the Mummer's Parade is on):

Giving you a baker's dozen because we here at J.S. Brooks Presents love you so much, here are the top blog sites to leave you laughing, according to Will Video for Food:

So many specialty blogs, so little time. So, future bloggers, see, specialization is key (something this blog never does and one reason it will always be small). 

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