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Monday, February 23, 2015

Persistence Essential

Anything really worth doing requires persistence. Persistence is that firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. Life requires persistence. Any worthwhile activity requires persistence. Any human endeavor that is to make a difference in our lives or the lives of others requires ample persistence. Today, it is necessary to have that obstinacy in spades, given all the people who feel it is their right to try to knock us down at every turn with vile, acidic, often mindless yet none-the-less painful offhand negative critique of what we are trying to accomplish. I find this particularly galling when coming from those without the education or intestinal fortitude to try whatever we are trying for themselves. 

To be persistent one must have a plan of action. One must be ready to face all sorts of setbacks and rebukes. One must be ready to learn from mistakes and soldier on, not taking them as an estimation of one's own worth but as a learning opportunity that will make everyone who successfully gets to their feet after a knock down both stronger and smarter in the effort. 

Through persistence we grow, we move, we take life in new and exciting directions. It is well worth every effort. Want examples to prove this point. How about: You'll find a lot of very successful folks who had awful setbacks before their success. It's eyeopening and encouraging. I had a serious setback yesterday. It sent me reeling for a time. But, writing this, now I'm back on track and ready to move forward again. I have a plan of attack and I will follow through. I will tell you I had to sit back and quiet myself after the event. There are times when it is far better to say nothing than to speak up when in pain. That often complicates situations in ways none of us need. 

Never give up;
never surrender!

One important thing to know is that you never decide to abandon something that you decided to undertake when you were happy and full of confidence when you are in a low moment. That is a huge mistake and often quite wrong.

Lastly, for this post, make sure you have family and friends  who can give you helpful advice and support. When possible, seek out professional advice from others in your field of endeavor as well. None of us do what is needed alone. We are not islands. Further, there is absolutely no need to recreate the wheel when perfectly serviceable wheels are available. Build on what is there when possible. It makes the job of persistence easier. 

Best of luck to you. Carry on.

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