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Friday, March 13, 2015

Best Audio Book Fiction: Top Ten Lists of Books

I have a long commute. I have found that audio books rented from the local library at just over two dollars for three weeks each have been life savers (almost literally during miserable, traffic chocked commutes). They keep the mind sharp and the nerves from fraying. They allow me to catch up on books I otherwise would not have the time to persue. I arrive at work or home far more relaxed than I would otherwise, making me an easier person to deal with at either end of the trip. I highly recommend such audio books to you. I first started listening to them on tape when making long trips for work.

Without further introduction, ten lists of top audio books in fiction for your consideration:

New York Times recommendations (many titles):

Audio Editions counters with: recommends: has 83 suggestions:

Random House Audio has been at this game a long time and has a few suggestions:

If crime fiction is your favorite, try:

For science fiction fans (myself included):

Okay, my blog, my bias, sticking with sci-fi, Recorded Books suggests:

For 500 of the best audio books ever, see again:

or you can try Oprah's list instead:

That should be enough to get you started. Happy listening. Enjoy broadening your literature and popular fiction horizons!

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