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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Remembering Leonard Nimoy: The Five Minute Response

Then there was that time you showed up in
Sheldon's dreams as one of these on Big Bang Theory. Priceless!
Thank you Leonard Nimoy for making my teen years easier. Your portrayal of Mr. Spock, the eternal outsider who never quite fit in but always managed to do so with dignity and wry wit, helped me navigate those awkward years where many of us feel like aliens ourselves. I never tried to be emotionless as your character showed me that just wasn't possible, even for a half Vulcan. 

With the 50th anniversary of Star Trek approaching and so many original cast members now gone, it is wonderful to have you all captured on that originally short-lived TV series ... and all that followed. Much appreciated, Leonard! 

LLAP all you Trekkers out there. 

And that's the five minute response.

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