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Monday, March 30, 2015

There Is No "Religious Freedom" In Discrimination

To all the legislatures who feel they can make an end run around equality for various groups, organizations, religions, etc. that they do not care for, dragging us back to the bad old days of segregated bathrooms, "No Irish Need Apply" signs, and all the rest of the evil that we have tried to leave behind in the march of "civilization," STOP IT NOW!!! You are not being clever. You are not hiding your irrational hatred behind a smokescreen of legalities. It is perfectly obvious that you are not operating out of concern for anyone's religious freedom. You are being bigots and promoting hatred.

The day the foul version of the religious freedom law (please note, good intentions are easily perverted by hatred ... early versions of this law were to protect the rights of Native Americans to pursue their traditions and faith, to keep the Amish safe to follow their beliefs, etc.) was passed in Indiana, after the sun went down, in one community folks with marriage equality bumper stickers on their cars had them vandalized. This "law" empowered angry bigots to lash out in hate. That is no law anyone should defend. That is spreading evil.

Speak out against the vile wave of bigoted legislation rising up like backed up sewer water around the nation. Tell them this is no way for a civilized people to behave. Tell them pandering to simple-minded hatred is wrong. Apparently, our civil servants have forgotten this basic idea and need reminded. Let's all remind them.

If this evil spreads, I highly recommend entering each and every business with which you do business with the following question, "Do you discriminate based on your religious beliefs?" or "Do you turn away customers based on your beliefs?" If the answer is yes or is a refusal to answer directly, take your business elsewhere.  It may be the best means average citizens have to end this vile practice back by wicked laws of twisted intent.

While on the topic of bigotry, defining all members of a faith ... or lack thereof ... by the behaviors of a few is also bigotry and must stop.

For more, concerning stereotyping (bigotry) run amuck, see:

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