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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Carving Out Time. The Five Minute Response

Go for a walk ...
In this high tech world of ours, it is easy to get swept up in being busy. It is simplicity itself to fill up every waking moment, and many when we should be sleeping, with one task or another, one game of Free Cell (or a million), or one more comment on social media (there, that told 'em). The problem is, that is feeding the old ego and nothing else. It's a diet that never nourishes. It leads to sickness, physical and mental.

We really do need to take some time to unplug, to sit back, to take a deep breath and restore ourselves. Whether it is hobbies, faith, or a walk in the woods or along the shore ... or that most strange of all rituals ... the face to face conversation, we NEED to carve out a short time in each day to rest and recover.

Also, there are times when we need to put a foot down when things are moving too fast. I had first hand experience with this just the other day. When things feel like they are flying out of control, moving forward in an avalanche that is about to consume us (and it is within our power ... unlike the approaching tax deadline), we need to speak up and slow the process down to a manageable, human pace. Listen to those internal alarm bells. It is amazing how fast they quiet when you gain just a little control over the process.

And that's the five minute response.

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