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Thursday, April 23, 2015

For the Earth. The Five Minute Response

Jane Goodall, primate researcher, asks why we, perhaps the smartest creatures to ever walk the earth, creatures who have trod on the moon and sent robots to every planet and a few planetoids in our solar system, who have one robot outside of that system, can be dumb enough to be destroying earth's habitability for us? It is a wonderful, timely question. Right now we are pumping untold tons of drilling waste into waste water wells. We expect that stuff to stay where we put it. However, our certainty is shaken by earthquakes that have increased markedly from this process. Industry leaders say "we don't have enough data yet to say conclusively that there is a connection." We never will.

When has our garbage ever stayed where we put it in the long run. Time is the most destructive force in the universe. Ninety percent of everything humanity has created in the past 300 years has been destroyed over the passage of time. Lunatic groups with radical ideologies are increasing the rate of destruction for time. But, I digress. We used to think we could simply dump our junk in rivers and oceans ... until it started rolling back on the shores with dead wildlife tangled in the mire. We have a great garbage collection floating in the sea for additional proof of how wrong we were. We hope our landfills will contain and constrain our trash ... but as civilization shifts and moves on, as these burial mounds to consumption are left untended, in time they will deteriorate and future generations will be cursing us as they contend with our mess. The same will certainly happen with fracking's toxic waste water at some point. These dirty lubricants will cause the wrong plate to shift, creating a big enough earthquake to free this junk, and an aquifer will be polluted or worse. We have to do better. We have to use our brains, work together, and actually work to keep our home livable for all life as we know it. Otherwise we will have been the stupidest species ever to walk planet Earth. I would hate to think our obsession with that artificial construct of ours, money, would lead us down that dark path to mass extinction on asteroidal scales ... but it might.

Let's do better.

And that's the five minute response.

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