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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Prayers and Calls for Action Following the Emanuel AME Church Murders

In the wake of the horrendous murders committed in Charleston, South Carolina's famous Emanuel AME Church, I stand with those who mourn and pray for all who have been impacted by the twisted, hateful actions taken by the perpetrator.

No, from what the terrorist involved said, this was not a crime against Christianity. This was not a drug crime. This was not the fault of the victims. It was none of those ridiculous things. This was another hate crime against African Americans perpetrated by one who has been twisted by the hateful rhetoric far too freely offered up by unscrupulous politicians, pundits, preachers, and trolls.

It is far past the time when something should be done. We can no longer tolerate and turn a blind eye to hatred, violence, and ignoring treatment for those who are mentally ill. We can no longer sit by silently while others spew hatred and vicious lies. We must speak out and we must act.

For the response of the American Baptist Churches, USA's Ministers Council, including their call to action, see:

To feel empowered to act yourself, see:

For the view of a world where more people DO act for the good of others, see:

A short article about helping curb the spread of bigotry and violence:

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