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Monday, June 8, 2015

Racial Divide on Public Display in US YET AGAIN

Disclaimer: I am not a news reporter and this is not the news. However, I am reacting to two news stories I saw back to back just yesterday.

Two stories caught my attention. In the first story, Mr. Jim Cooley walks his daughter through the Atlanta International Airport carrying an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle slung over his shoulder. He is not arrested. He is not detained. He is following Georgia law. He declares he is protecting his wife and daughter from danger, specifically the danger of an out of control police forces under the thrall of the federal government. While questioned twice by police and having a picture of his car license taken, Mr. Cooley came and went largely undeterred from his open carry mission and the disruptions it caused when people called him in and went to and from flights rattled by the appearance of an assault rife carrying stranger in their midst.

In the second story, out of McKinney, Texas, white neighbors at a pool party began taunting African American teens. As the situation heats up, the police are called. As a result, African American teens are detained, arrested, and one enthusiastic officer drags a bikini clad 14-year-old African American girl weeping and crying out for her mother to the ground, bangs her head into the grass, yanks her hair and sits on her while others protest. No officer treats any of the male detainees nearly this badly, until the same officer leaps up, gun drawn, to give chase to two African American male teens who protest this treatment.

Do you see the difference? While neither party committed a crime by state law (as far as anyone can tell at this point), the white man was allowed to carry out an incredibly stupid act in an age of heightened fear of terrorism while complaining the police could be after him. Meanwhile, African American teens whose only crime (apparently) was being black at a public pool party were arrested, mistreated, and verbally assaulted by white male police officers.

Had our open carry advocate been an African American, it seems likely to me he would have been arrested in Atlanta at the very least. We should have left this horrid, racist divide behind long ago, but  obviously it is still alive and well in the US.

Shame on US!

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