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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Animated Flyover of Pluto’s Icy Mountain and Plains

With the New Horizons successful Pluto flyby, NASA has
completed a goal established in the 1960s: to visit all of the
worlds in our solar system. Kudos NASA. Image Courtesy of NASA
Early returned images from NASA show close ups of Pluto's ice mountains standing 11,000 feet high and the icy plains in the "heart of Pluto." This is early imagery. There is a great deal more to come well into 2016 as New Horizons slowly transmits back all the data it collected in its 36,000+ mph flyby of this tiny world and its moons. Rumor has it New Horizons will now head on to two additional Kuiper Belt objects before she is through.

For the previous closest image of Pluto (note a marked difference), see:

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