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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Certain Pop Culture Heroes Appealing to Aging Boomer: T-800, Batman, ...

After seeing Terminator Genisys, which I recommend for summer fun ... although the reception has not been all that warm, there is a certain catch phrase Arnold uses (not the oft repeated, "I'll be back") that this Boomer can really appreciate. Glaring with robotic determination, the aging T-800 repeats several times throughout the film, "I'm old but I'm not obsolete." I'm not old ... yet (being from near the tail end of the Boom)... but aging and can appreciate the sentiment. I think a number of us, who remember seeing that first terminator movie in 1984 in the theaters, would agree with that sentiment. I hope aging actresses will be given the same opportunity to play aging characters in increasing numbers as well, by the way.

The last time some piece of pop culture resonated with me this way was when I discovered (long after its 1986 introduction) Batman: The Dark Knight Returns in which a Bruce Wayne returns to crime fighting as an aging Caped Crusader in his 50s. He snarls at himself repeatedly "Lucky old man" and grumbles about the increased challenges of the job with age. I also appreciate him having to depend more on wit than strength.   

I imagine I'll have a similar appreciation for the original cast returning in Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens this December. I'm looking forward to finding out. Yeah, I saw Episode IV on the big screen in D.C. when it came out in 1977 too. Changed my whole view of sci-fi movies right then and there. To see the second trailer for Star Wars VII, see: You'll see and hear a couple of the originals there. 

Well, gotta run. But ... of course ... "I'll be back."

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