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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Darned Creepy Balloon!

Bil Lepp at the Jonesborough, TN,
storytelling festival
Storyteller Bil Lepp (and five time winner of the West Virginia State Liar's Contest) tells of being scared witless forgetting a child's balloon(s) left in the back of his car. That night, unsuspecting, he would get back in the car to head off for the store and jump when there was "someone" else in the car with him when he looked in the rear mirror. Darned creepy balloon!

In the education wing of our church, the day after our End of the School Year Bash, at which we had numerous balloons, I got a start when rounding the corner. There was a grinning yellow smiley face at eye level "standing" before me. The balloon in question had lost some of its helium and had lowered to head height. It appeared to be "standing" on its string, with the bottom end of that string curled on the ground like some single foot. Darned creepy balloon!

Do you have a story of a darned creepy balloon to share? Let me know.

In the meantime, here's one I found on reddit from a couple years ago:

I say it again ... darned creepy balloon!!!

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