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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Getting Rid of Pop Up Window Blocking Use of iPad's Safari Search Engine

I was conducting a little research yesterday on my iPad's Safari search engine. Suddenly up comes a pop up screen, graying out all else on Safari and refusing to go away. It was from "" and wanted me to click Ok (the only button that appeared as if it would work on Safari at that moment) to collect my "prize" (a brand new iPad ... for free ... lucky me ... HA!). 

So, I went to my computer and conducted some hasty research there on how to make this evil phishing expedition go away and return my iPad to me (no turning off the iPad makes no difference). 

Here is what you do: 

  1. Don't panic!
  2. Get out of Safari
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Select Safari 
  5. Select Clear History (affirm you want to do this if asked)
  6. Select Clear Cookies and Data (ditto)
Congratulations, you iPad's Safari is yours again. 

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