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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jurassic Park Artifact From Winning Cereal Box

I came across this artifact of an earlier age ... an artifact of the last millennium, when dinosaurs returned to the earth for the first time in the 1990s with Jurassic Park. The movie was out, our son was much younger than today. It was early in the morning. We were both having cereal for breakfast. I opened the box of his cereal, bleary-eyed as usual ... and the box roared at me. It was a T-Rex roar, not yet familiar to me from the movie, but very familiar to this little boy. The box roared again ... and again ... and our son went nuts. "We won!" he yelled. "We won!!!"

All I could think of at that early hour was how to make the blasted box shut up. It was too early for this nonsense. And won what?! I slapped the box lid shut and the roaring ceased, for which I was grateful. Our son did not stop jumping around excitedly however. Now, for the first time, I really looked at that box. Sure enough, on the cereal box it said, if it roared, we had won prizes. And we did. A Jurassic Park drink cup with a T-Rex head on top, walkie-talkies, a backpack, I believe a flashlight with the movie logo on it, and who knows what else.

We'd won. The stuff came. All of it is gone now, I believe, except this weird little souvenir pulled out of that cereal box. If you lower the paper away from the light sensor that thing still has enough charge to roar faintly, which surprised me no end when it resurfaced from a end table drawer.

Thanks for the memories, little roaring box. No shut up and go back to sleep. This was a strange thing to find so soon after seeing the most recent iteration of Jurassic Park at the movies.

Here's to the memories. I hope you stumble across some fossil of an earlier age soon and it brings back sweet memories for you too.

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