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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Beauty Where You Are

J.S. Brooks Presents has been on a short vacation with family, visiting family in Indiana and Ohio. It was a wonderful, spirit restoring trip that allowed us to reconnect with family we haven't seen in three years.

On the way, by car, I was inspired by the beauty of the world around us, even as seen from the highway (not known for going along the most scenic routes in most cases). If you pay attention, wherever you are, you can find beauty around you (yes, with some predictable exceptions, mostly inflicted upon the natural world by humankind ... I'm not entirely a Pollyanna here). This landscape photo speaks to me of the Midwest. Miles of crops, trees providing wind breaks along waterways, human habitations appearing small in the midst of it all, with everything crowned by endless sky. Go for a walk or a drive today and take a look for yourself. Be willing to take the time to really notice. Of course, you may have to leave your electronic devices behind to really see the world around you ... just for a little while. It wont hurt, I promise.

More on the adventure to come. Hope you all had a wonderful summer as well.  

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