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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Congressional Stupidity Regarding Commercial Space Flight

NPR reports today that Congress is cutting funding for the Commerical Space Flight program, hobbling if not crippling the efforts of Boeing and SpaceX to complete their manned vehicles, allowing the U.S. to return our astronauts to space without reliance on Russian rockets. This is short-sighted stupidity. Then again, I am not surprised since the "most intelligent" thing politicians seem to be able to say these days when confronted by any scientific information is "I'm not a scientist." Maybe not, but you can talk to scientists. Some of them are really good at using small words even YOU will understand.

That argument doesn't work. You create laws concerning many fields of which you are not a member. And if the recent SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket failure is on your mind, please try to learn from a historian (yes, I know, you're not historians either) that rocketry is hard. Rockets blow up sometimes. When they do, smart organizations learn from those failures and move on, building better rockets from what they learn. Yes, they investigate, take notes, make determinations (intelligent determinations) based on evidence, improve and move on. It takes cooperation, compromise, and flexibility of mind ... something you pols on all levels are just about incapable of accomplishing since you are focused on what you are NOT and not what you are, also focused on the moneybags you serve rather than your actual constituency.

This is all extremely frustrating. A robust space program helps the economy (all the money invested is spent here on earth, all the jobs are created here on earth) and drives innovation. Let me put this in simple terms, support our space programs (manned and unmanned) and you'll get a better shiny new Apple iPhone in years to come.

That is the five minute snarling response.

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