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Monday, August 24, 2015

Curiosity and Awe Essential

I find it endlessly aggravating and confounding when I confront those black and white people of the world who never see wonder, never puzzle about what is over the next hill or under the sea or in the depths of space, but insist on placing all our energies on only the dullest or angriest of ventures. Joseph Campbell, scholar of myths, felt the same way. He wrote:
There remain among us many still who are unmoved by what Goethe called "the best part of man [humanity]." These (the uncurious and unawed in the face of the unknown) remain, even now, in the condition of those prehuman apes who are concerned only with economics, sociology, and politics, hurling bricks at each other and licking their own wounds.
Me, I prefer to be evolved enough to have wonder, to believe in that beyond which can be seen and measured, and to take joy in this amazing universe in which we live. I will not wait around patiently for these folks to evolve. I'll be looking over the next hill, peering under the next rock, peeking through telescopes and microscopes, and doing what I can to help those who become collateral damage in the brick throwing exercises.

Hope to see you there!

See anything wrong with this view from the ISS? Just curious.
Courtesy of NASA

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