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Friday, October 16, 2015

Does Kepler Discover Massive Alien Construct???

Photo Courtesy of NASA
Every once in a while a story comes down the line that just piques the imagination like no other.

Among the many stars the Kepler space telescope has studied is a star like no other so far observed. The light dimming with a transit that marks a planet passing in front of its host star is usually very regular as planets are basically round objects. However, it has long been hypothesized that an alien civilization sufficiently advanced could make large structures (such as sunlight harvesting platforms of immense size as an example) that would create an irregular dimming of light as it passed in front of its parent star.

Such an irregular dimming has been discovered. Natural explanations are being sought (of course). Perhaps a cluster of comets pulled by the gravity of a nearby star has drifted across the star. It has been suggested that this may be the answer. Then again, it may not. Time will tell. I'm rooting for advanced aliens. That would be so much more interesting, don't you think.

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Live long and prosper ... as the aliens say.

To see what the SETI Institute is doing in response to this news, see:

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