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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Disturbing News from Bookstore: The Five Minute Response

I was in my local bookstore, looking for a particular translation and edition of a study Bible I find valuable. I couldn't find it on the shelf in the hardback edition, so I went looking for the information desk person and help. I was told that the Bible I was seeking was listed as being available on the shelf. We went to look again. The edition I was looking for was not to be found. My helper sighed and told me a "Bible liberation" group had been through the last week.

I was mystified. I asked for a little clarification.

I was told "Bible liberation" folks believe the Word should be free to all. Therefore, they go against the teachings of the Bible and steal copies from bookstores to give away later.

I am appalled with this behavior. It is wrong and wrong-headed. Let me suggest an alternative. If you wish to give away the Word free, then purchase copies, perhaps used from library sales, and give them away. That way you respect the work that went into printing, binding, publishing, and distributing the Bible. You encourage more copies to be printed. You provide the Word free as you desire it to be, standing on your values without going against Scripture in the process. You become a better believer on a much more honest ministry mission.

And that's the five minute response. 

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