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Monday, November 30, 2015

Stand Up Against Toxic Speech

With the shooting at the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado as the most recent example, it is long past time for civil people to speak up against hateful speech. For far too long, we have allowed commentators, politicians, and their followers to spew hateful messages against all who oppose them. We must not allow such hateful lies stand. We need to counter such messages with facts, delivered civilly, to counter messages that demean others (often simply for the crime of disagreeing with the speaker's narrow interpretation of some issue) and are quite often fact free.

We need to speak up and help curb this dangerous trend for the sake of those who can be swayed to violence based on such hate speech. To stand by silently, is to be complicit with the violence that comes in the future. Politicians who lie to make political points must be called on their falsehoods, publicly and persistently. Politicians who use thug tactics and support violence against those who disagree with them from among their own supporters must be stopped. Their way of thinking and acting is too toxic to be allowed to gain access to the seats of power in ours or any nation.

Those who resort to bullying, lies, and hate speech to get their way are banking on the idea that civilized people will not speak up against them. Civilized people will be too shocked and will resist getting drawn down into the mud where such folks thrive. Well, that cannot be allowed to continue. We must be willing to speak up, to marshal our facts, to speak truth to power, and to demand together that the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater is not allowed to continue any further. If we do not, our democracy and our civilization will be destroyed. If we do not, those chimps using simple stone age tools may be our replacements as we allow hatreds to grow to the point we enter a final war. I hope and believe we are smarter than that. 

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