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Monday, December 7, 2015

10 Steps to Stress Reduction

'Tis the season for stress and anxiety, fa la la la AHHHHHH!!!

I spent some time today looking up stress reducers to lessen anxiety at this busy time of year. There were many lists from a variety of medical sites. I found one list particularly useful, especially point number 2. The Cleveland Clinic provided this extremely useful list:

  1. Eat and drink sensibly: binge eating and drinking increase stress, although it may seem otherwise, so beware (a little stress inducing, that first one, eh?). 
  2. Assert yourself: Say "No" when you need to. Meeting everyone else's expectations is impossible and unhealthy. I especially like the line I'll quote directly: "Remember, being assertive allows you to stand up for your rights and beliefs while respecting those of others." 
  3. Stop smoking and other bad habits: Nicotine brings on stress symptoms (among other things). 
  4. Exercise regularly: Okay, I'll get back to it again
  5. Study and practice relaxation methods: Relax daily, choosing from a variety of options (sounds like a plan). 
  6. Take responsibility: Control what you can control and leave behind what you can't. Couples well with point 2. 
  7. Reduce causes of stress: Prioritizing your time is what this boils down to, basically. Allowing yourself to take on too many demands leads to dangerous levels of stress. Again, return to point 2.
  8. Examine your values and live by them: Make your actions reflect your beliefs and feel better. Use values when choosing activities. 
  9. Set realistic goals and expectations: You can't be completely successful at everything all the time. 
  10. Sell yourself to yourself: Remember what you do well to build up a healthy level of self-esteem. Don't let circumstances and negative people knock you down and leave you lying there drowning in stress.

There you have it. Ten ways to reduce stress. Number 2 is the biggie for me. I'll check back with you on how these worked down the road. Let me know if they work for you ... and enjoy the season.

You can see the Cleveland Clinic list (with additional information) for yourself at Don't say we aren't concerned about your health here at J.S. Brooks Presents.

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