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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Do NOT Let Work Rob You of Your Joy in 2016

My wife an I were at a party with friends last night. I got talking with a school teacher buddy I know through my wife's theater work and we discovered we had something serious in common. Both of us, in the last year, had made the mistake of letting our work pretty much eat our lives whole. Both of us realized we had dropped the personal entertainments that gave us joy in favor of longer work hours. Both of us had suffered physically as a result. Stress can and will make a person sick. Is it the body's desperate plea for help, a call to cease and desist before things get really bad.

We both agreed in 2016 to do better. We both will be making concerted efforts to do those things with family and friends, and in solo projects, that bring us peace and give us joy. Note how few blog posts there are in 2015 for J.S. Brooks Presents, the lowest number since I started this endeavor. That will change, along with time spent at the gym (significant drop), and time with family and in personal entertainment. Having a date night with my wife in which we had dinner and watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a great start. More will follow soon ... along with more reasonable hours spent at the office and on the computer at home doing office related work. That's my resolution for 2016. After one stress-induced painful night spent in a recliner with the TV on low because I couldn't lie flat, I've learned my lesson. I fully intend to keep this resolution. How about you? 

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