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Monday, January 25, 2016

Living with January 2016 Blizzard "Jonas"

Snow Falling
Driving home Friday evening, arriving 15 minutes before the snow started to fall, it was apparent this was going to be serious. A little after six in the evening it was as dark as midnight out there. Arriving safely, snugging my Yaris up against our van nose to nose (I highly recommend this approach as it both takes up a bunch of driveway you don't have to shovel but more to the point it puts the cars in the right position to jump a dead battery if that happens--when you own aging cars, you think of such things), we battened down the hatches, wondering if the storm was going to be as advertised.

One dark day full of snow
By 8 in the evening the snow was falling steadily. In the morning, yeah, it was obvious the weather folks had nailed this one. Where I live we got over 2 feet of the white stuff. Several times I went out there to shove snow off the old overhang over the back door so it wouldn't snap off. I have to say, I'm grateful our old house is well built. It weathered the storm beautifully. 

Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. was one gray morning. The day remained gray and forbidding. My wife and I were happy to stay inside watching hapless news people stand out in rising snow and water (inland or shore) with yardsticks and wind burn. At the height of ridiculousness, the news team in the studio asked the reporter and his driver to try to interview people walking in the street afterwards to burn up extra time. Several times the reporter tried to end the interview and several times he was asked again to interview someone who just wanted to get about his or her business. 

Sharing our gratitude "God bless the kind
soul(s) who shoveled so much of this walk!" 
Sunday I was quite grateful to find a neighbor had shoveled a lot of my walk. By Monday a neighbor with a snow blower (a really big one) had come through and widened the trenches into actual sidewalks (thanks again). Showed my appreciation by mocking up a quick sign on an old, brittle piece of Plexiglas (that stuff really cuts into a pile of snow, let me tell you)! Being able to express gratitude to others (rather than whining about children not being out shoveling for you on Facebook) was a real uplifting experience. I hope those who helped got the message. 

We were far luckier than some. There were deaths in this blizzard up and down the East Coast. We had none. There was lots of property damage. We were spared. The city workers have been keeping the plows out day and night. They did a great job on our street yesterday, even clearing snow out in front of the driveway, something I expected to have to do today. I'm grateful. 

Snow trenches for sidewalks
All in all, Jonas left us with a full season's worth of snow, canceled church, closed businesses and schools, but left us individually largely unscathed. We pray for all those who were not so lucky. 

With the sun shining and blue skies out today, one thing to remember when the crises hit is that they do pass. There is calm after the storm, sun after the snow, neighbors helping each other cope, and much more socializing than usual as we all get out to look around after it's done. 

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